Dezertico, held for the first time in 2016 on the beautiful beaches of San Carlos, México, is a one of a kind festival that promotes music, local culture, art, food, and craft beer. Made almost in its entirety by sonoran people. I was given the task of designing the identity for the festival. Since the event extends for almost an entire day, I wanted to conceptualize the passing of time and the succession from day to night, represented by the use of gradients in three pairs of color and simple white illustrations as motifs.All of these colorful combinations accurately depict the feel of the event and the bright life you get to experience right where the desert meets the ocean.
Day Poster
Sunset poster
Night poster
Caps made as merchandise
Shirt designs available as merchandise before the event
Posts for social media.
Snapchat geofilter made for the location
Thanks for watching!
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